About Ben

Hi! My name is Ben.

It’s taken me an awful long time to be myself. I spent many years worried about fitting in and being accepted. I always needed lots of approval, and I lived a life filled with worry and anxiety. It was exhausting. 

And then in year 35 or so, something finally clicked. I decided I wanted to be myself and go my own way.

I realized that I’m a curious guy, and I wanted to create a life that I personally love.

So what you see on these pages is the result.

I love entrepreneuring, and the art of the game. I love sales, negotiation, and game theory, and making things happen. I like creative people and elegant ideas and beautiful things. I love trends and how things come to be. I want to always know what’s next.

Now that I’m 43, I’m on a mission to teach and help and share in every way possible. I realize how lucky I am to be able to share my thoughts around the world. I get to do this through podcast and videos, and more. I’m fully committed to impacting millions of lives. But I know that is done one by one on a micro level.

Hopefully I’m able to help you in some small way somewhere along the way.


Ben Smith Specializes in Entrepreneurship

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