A Private Community for Startups, Entrepreneurs, and Business Professionals

The Chancebending Network is your way to find exclusive content, professional advice & coaching from the best entrepreneurs in the business.

This is about making you better.

The Chancebending Network is about connecting entrepreneurs with the right information when they need it. With live online coaching, access to a growing community of professional entrepreneurs, and expert business advice, our goal is to make sure you succeed and help you along every step of the way.

Why join a business network?

Running and operating a business is hard. And while entrepreneurship may arm you with a rockstar team and experienced investors, we understand that facing the daily challenges of running a business can be a challenge in itself. With an entrepreneur network, you can surround yourself with those who have been through it before, offering candid business advice when you need it. Lead by Ben Smith, the Chancebending network is your way to join a community who knows what what it means to actually hustle. A place to get coaching, seek advice and improve.

What’s included?

All plans come with a baseline package of the following:

Entrepreneur Network

Business Network Access

Join our community to speak with Ben Smith and many more entrepreneurs like you.

Private Entrepreneurship Podcast

Exclusive Content

Enjoy privatly recorded advice with top shelf entrepreneurs, videos, and more!

Entrepreneurship WhatsApp Group

Private WhatsApp Invite

A privately run channel with ben and the whole chancebending community.

Startup Social Networking

Social Media Growth

Accelerate your following with our whole network to support you

Business Advice

Business Advice

Quick, consistent business advice for you and everyone in the network.

Business Training Tips

Training Resources

Ben's favorite Books, articles, podcasts and more, curated for the network.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Entrepreneurship Network?

It’s community of entrepreneurs who come together for the purpose of improvement & support. The Chancebending Network brings together the best entrepreneurs we know to talk shop and help each other. We’re doing this with a private WhatsApp group, coaching sessions and content.

What kind of Coaching am I getting?

Ben Smith and the team at Chancebending does business coaching. Whether you’re a founder dealing with the daily struggles of running a startup or an executive looking to sharpen your negotiation skills, Chancebending’s Business Coaching gives you the support you need. Following signup, we will be sending you materials, and offering you coaching and training every month.

What is required to get started?

Absolutely nothing. As a part of the network, Our coaching program is designed for every stage. Once a week, you get a live call where you pick any topic you want to the be coached on. Over this time, we’ll send you books, study guides and recommended content picked for you.

What can I learn with Business Coaching?

If you’re just starting out, we’ll guide you through the in’s and out’s building any type of business. whether it’s a startup, a podcast, a book or content site, Ben Smith and the team at Chancebending can help.

Am I required to meet in person?

Nope. Chancebending is available to anyone. The network is a digital platform including the private WhatsApp group and with the coaching service, we host a live hour long, weekly video conference on zoom. Login details and meeting times are provided following signup.

What’s the cancelation policy?

You can cancel anytime. That’s it! All that we ask is that you drop us some feedback.

Who is Ben Smith?

After being an early Google and YouTube business exec behind some of YouTube’s biggest strategic partnerships, Ben left YouTube HQ to represent the company in Los Angeles, California. Since then, Ben Smith has become a professional entrepreneur and the founder of Chancebending Ventures, a full-service business coaching firm for all company types, from seed stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.

To find out more about Ben, Check out his podcast or join in with coaching.

Schedule a free 15 minute call with Ben Smith to see if Business Coaching is right for you.