You know the drill. I find the smartest, edgiest, and hopefully sexiest people I know who have the characteristics of entrepreneurship to contribute advice to The Chancebending Network. Today we’re talking Experiential Engagement with Tammuz Dubnov from Zuzor.

Tammuz talks about Experiential Engagement and how it’s trending in Experiential Technology

“The biggest trend we see is that more and more industries are entering the experience economy. Movie theaters are competing with Netflix, hotels are competing with Airbnb, retail stores are competing with Amazon, and they are all selling experiences as much as they are selling their product. We are in the Experiential Engagement space, which is really at the intersection of digital signage with retail, hospitality, entertainment, museums, events and more. Brands and venues are starting to invest more in the customer experience, to get consumers to go to their theater, to book their hotel, and to go to their store.


This is also visible in marketing, as common strategies are no longer as effective, and standard digital signage has become so commonplace that most of us have become numb to its messaging. This can be seen through the rapid growth of experiential and event marketing spending.


The other trend we are seeing is that more and more companies are looking to invest in experiences through immersive LED walls and projectors (especially as hardware prices go down), but many are blocked by the cost and complexity of creating engaging content to fill those displays.


Zuzor‘s movement-activated environments are easy-to-use, interactive and fully immersive, leading to increased repeat visits, boosting social media exposure, generating advertising revenue and reinforcing the brand’s message. This enables brands and venues to create experiences for customers visiting their location, this enhances and reduces the cost of experiential marketing campaigns, and offers a content solution for large displays by incorporating visitors into the content. When they see their own movements on screen users become more engaged (watching artistic interpretations of their own motion can captivate users for tens of seconds). The longer and more intently they stare at the screen – the greater the opportunity to break through the noise, and truly deliver the message.”

Tammuz Dubnov


A little about Tammuz


Tammuz Dubnov attended UC Berkeley where he studied theoretical mathematics, computer science, and dance. He graduated with honors at the age of 18 and spent the next two years working as a highly sought-after performer in the Dance and Cirque space. This experience gave him a unique perspective on audiences and engagement. By the age of 20, Tammuz combined his technical expertise with his passion for live entertainment to create Zuzor – an experiential technology company. Zuzor empowers

AV professionals, designers, and creatives to bring interactive motion-generated content to a range of industries. Tammuz is considered to be one of the youngest Thought Leaders in the field, having spoken at events in Mexico, France, China, Japan, as well as throughout the United States. He is actively pursuing his master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence at UC San Diego to prepare for the future where engagement and AI work hand-in-hand to create a more significant impact.


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