You know the drill. I find the smartest, edgiest, and hopefully sexiest people I know who have the characteristics of entrepreneurship to contribute advice to The Chancebending Network. Today we’re talking eLearning Trends with Rishu Singh from Learning Solutions LLP.

Rishu talks about eLearning Trends

“According to Orbis research, the global eLearning market worldwide is set to surpass USD 275 billion value by 2022. The market size was estimated at over USD 165.21 billion in 2015 and is predicted to grow at over 7.5% CAGR during the 2015-22 period.


In the search for better & improved ways, people have turned to contemporary technologies or trends, thinking one or some of these will be able to solve the problem as that’s what our approach was missing. Millions & Billions of dollars have gone into coming up with huge libraries of content (off-the-shelf based on hefty subscription fees, developed in various proprietary rapid authoring tools, converting one format to another and whatnot) and beautiful learning management systems (6-9 months irritating deployment phases, super costlier customizations, hosting fees, annual maintenance, user support and the migration from one bad system to another due to inadequate vendor service and whatnot), and one key area which got missed (knowingly or unknowingly) is what learners are really expecting for L&D to provide to help them improve their skills & performance to grow in their roles & organizations.


Thankfully over past 18 odd months, a paradigm shift has happened. They have understood this game and have literally stopped this rat-race of buying any new tool or platforms, just for the sake of doing something different as others redoing it too (as they believe from the staged conferences which are being organized massively all around, to create a fake urge for such tools).


Here are the top trends of 2019-2022 and this clearly shows we are going in the right direction with the consultative & truly customized approach:
Design Thinking (DT) in L&D to bring in Innovation & learners at the center
Micro-Learning (ML) as a framework and just the chunking of content
Augmented Reality (AR) to bridge the gap in online-offline learning
Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Personalized Learning & Self-Improving Content
Designing of Organization specific ecosystems & no proprietary-productized approaches.
By-Learning Solutions have partnered with some of the leading F500 organizations, universities, and publishers on these fronts and have not just successfully established tangible ROI & performance improvement matrices but transformed the way learning & training can be done.


We don’t talk the typical language of per hour of learning, level-1-2-3, subscription fees, fancy features & functionalities and productized approach (made for all) rather we go deeper into the problem treat each organization as a unique entity, putting learner into the focus and design a solution which is independent of any technology or tool.


Hope to see more real learning happening around!”

Rishu Singh

A little about Rishu


Rishu Singh is the Founder of By-Learning Solutions LLP. 

She brings her rich 15 years’ experience into play to help BYL customers transform their learning and keep pace with the changing dynamics in the Learning industry.

Rishu has formal education in Human Resource (MBA) and Instructional Systems Design (Certification). 


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